Chuzhe Int -Moment Ft Chef 187 ( Visualizer )

“Chuzhe Int – Moment Ft Chef 187” appears to be a music track featuring artists Chuzhe Int and Chef 187. Here is some information about the artists and their collaboration:

Chuzhe Int:

  • Chuzhe Int is a Zambian musician known for his contributions to the Afrobeat and hip-hop scenes. He has been active in the music industry for several years, gaining recognition for his unique style and musical talent.

Chef 187:

  • Chef 187, whose real name is Kondwani Kaira, is another prominent Zambian artist. He is widely celebrated in Zambia for his impactful lyrics and energetic performances. Chef 187 has a significant following and is considered one of Zambia’s top rappers.

“Moment” Collaboration:

  • The song “Moment” is a collaboration between Chuzhe Int and Chef 187. The track blends their unique styles, showcasing their lyrical prowess and musical versatility. Collaborations like this often highlight the rich and diverse music culture in Zambia, bringing together different fan bases and creating a fusion of sounds.

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