Calema, Tayc – Dis-Le Moi mp3

Dis-Le Moi” is a collaborative track by Calema and Tayc. This song blends Afrobeat and R&B elements, showcasing the talents of both artists.

About the Artists:


  • Members: Calema is a musical duo composed of brothers António Mendes Ferreira (Tony) and Fradique Mendes Ferreira.
  • Origin: They are originally from São Tomé and Príncipe but are based in Portugal.
  • Music Style: Calema’s music typically blends African rhythms with pop and R&B influences. They sing in Portuguese and are known for their heartfelt lyrics and harmonious vocals.
  • Notable Songs: Some of their popular tracks include “A Nossa Vez,” “Te Amo,” and “Vai.”


  • Full Name: Julien Bouadjie
  • Birthdate: May 2, 1996
  • Origin: Tayc is a French-Cameroonian artist known for his smooth R&B and Afrobeat style.
  • Music Style: His music often blends soulful R&B with Afrobeat rhythms, characterized by his melodic voice and romantic lyrics.
  • Notable Songs: Tayc has released several hits, including “N’y pense plus,” “Le Temps,” and “Dodo.”

“Dis-Le Moi”:

  • Release: The song was released in 2021.
  • Themes: “Dis-Le Moi” is a romantic track that talks about love and the desire for reassurance in a relationship. The title translates to “Tell Me” in English, emphasizing the importance of communication and expression of feelings in love.
  • Musical Style: The song features a smooth blend of Afrobeat and R&B elements, with rhythmic beats and melodic vocals. The harmonization between Calema and Tayc creates a captivating and emotive listening experience.


  • Reception: “Dis-Le Moi” received positive reviews for its production quality, vocal performances, and heartfelt lyrics. The collaboration between Calema and Tayc was praised for its seamless blend of their unique styles.


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