Nuttea – Égaux feat. Kabaka Pyramid mp3

“Égaux” is a collaboration between French reggae artist Nuttea and Jamaican reggae artist Kabaka Pyramid. The song combines the talents of both artists, bringing together their unique styles and voices.

About the Artists:


  • Full Name: Olivier Lara
  • Birthdate: December 26, 1968
  • Origin: Nuttea, also known as Daddy Nuttea, is a French reggae artist originally from Guadeloupe.
  • Music Style: Nuttea is known for his reggae and dancehall music, often incorporating French lyrics into his songs. His music typically addresses social issues, personal struggles, and themes of unity and love.
  • Notable Songs: Some of his well-known tracks include “Elle Te Rend Dingue,” “Trop Peu De Temps,” and “Un Signe Du Temps.”

Kabaka Pyramid:

  • Full Name: Keron Salmon
  • Origin: Kabaka Pyramid is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist known for his conscious lyrics and fusion of reggae, hip-hop, and dancehall.
  • Music Style: Kabaka Pyramid’s music often addresses social and political issues, promoting messages of peace, unity, and empowerment. His style is characterized by sharp lyricism and a blend of traditional reggae with contemporary sounds.
  • Notable Songs: Some of his popular songs include “Well Done,” “Warrior,” and “Can’t Breathe.”


  • Themes: The title “Égaux” translates to “Equal” in English, suggesting that the song likely addresses themes of equality, unity, and social justice. Both artists are known for their conscious lyrics, so the song likely carries a message of promoting equality and standing against discrimination and inequality.
  • Musical Style: The collaboration blends Nuttea’s French reggae style with Kabaka Pyramid’s Jamaican reggae and dancehall influences. The song features rhythmic beats, melodic hooks, and powerful lyrics delivered in both French and English.


  • Reception: “Égaux” is appreciated for its meaningful lyrics and the synergy between Nuttea and Kabaka Pyramid. Fans of both artists praise the song for its strong message and the blend of different reggae styles.


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