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Slick Bowy-June Freestyle mp3

Slick Bowy, also known as Slick Bowy YBZ, is a Zambian artist known for his contributions to the hip-hop and Afrobeat music scenes. Here’s an overview of his profile:

Slick Bowy:

  • Real Name: Brian Kaila
  • Origin: Lusaka, Zambia
  • Music Style: Slick Bowy is known for his versatile style that blends elements of hip-hop, Afrobeat, and dancehall. His music often features catchy hooks, vibrant beats, and lyrics that reflect personal experiences, social commentary, and celebration.
  • Notable Songs: Some of his popular tracks include “Vokal,” “I Declare,” “Ndise Pharaoh,” and “Gelo Wandi.”
  • Collaborations: Slick Bowy has collaborated with various Zambian artists and continues to contribute to the local music scene.

Musical Impact:

  • Local Influence: He is recognized for his impact on the Zambian music scene, contributing to the growth and diversity of hip-hop and Afrobeat genres in the region.
  • Artistic Growth: Slick Bowy’s music reflects his growth as an artist, experimenting with different sounds while maintaining a distinct musical identity.


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