DrumZed is a cool music company that started back in 2019 by a guy named Aaron. They’re all about music and making things happen in the music world. They do stuff like promoting music, helping talented people, planning awesome events, and advertising on social media. Their motto is “music power,” and they’re a big deal in the music scene in Zambia. Their main office is in Lusaka, which is the capital city of Zambia.

DrumZed has a super popular website called www.DrumZedMusic.com where you can find all sorts of cool stuff about Zambian music. Lots of people visit their website every month, like over a million! You can read news, interviews, reviews, and watch music videos from lots of Zambian artists. They even let artists put their latest songs on there, which helps them get noticed.

They’re also big on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They use these platforms to chat with fans, show off their artists, and tell everyone about exciting things happening soon. They have a YouTube channel too, where they share music videos, interviews, and fun stuff behind the scenes. It’s a great way for fans to get closer to their favorite Zambian artists.

DrumZed’s goal is to make Zambian music famous, both at home and around the world. They work with all sorts of talented artists, from Afro-pop to Hip-hop and Gospel. They help these artists grow and succeed by giving them advice, introducing them to the right people, and helping them get their music out there.

And they’re not just about online stuff – they also organize cool events like concerts, album launches, and music festivals. Their team of experts knows how to throw a great party and make sure everyone has an awesome time, including the artists and their fans.

So, DrumZed, started by Aaron in 2019, is all about music and making things happen. They help Zambian music shine, both online and offline, and support local artists to reach their dreams. They’re like the heartbeat of the Zambian music scene!


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