April 14, 2024

The announcement of Ace Trap’s debut EP, “Broke Boys,” under the Headphone Music label is truly exciting. The collaboration with a lineup of talented artists and the fusion of Afrobeats with a unique Zambian vibe suggests a fresh and dynamic musical journey for listeners.

Ace Trap’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries is evident in the EP, and the chemistry between him and the guest artists, including Y Celeb, Xain, Umusepela Chile, and Beatfrik, adds an intriguing layer to the project. The diversity and dynamism promised in the EP showcase not only Ace Trap’s lyrical dexterity but also the vibrant musical landscape within the Headphone Music family.

The enthusiasm expressed by Ace Trap about the collaborative process and the unique energy each artist brought to the project is a testament to the passion behind “Broke Boys.” Fans can anticipate infectious beats, thought-provoking lyrics, and a celebration of African and Zambian musical influences throughout the EP.

Headphone Music founder, Jay Rox, expressing pride in presenting Ace Trap’s debut project and emphasizing their commitment to supporting diverse and innovative artists, adds another dimension to the significance of “Broke Boys.” It seems like this EP has the potential to captivate audiences globally, and the anticipation is high for fans to experience the magic it holds.

Best wishes to Ace Trap and Headphone Music on the release of “Broke Boys.” May the EP make a significant impact in the music industry and further contribute to the dynamic evolution of Zambian and African music.




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