Ayra Starr – Bad Vibes ft. Seyi Vibez (Official Music Video)

“Bad Vibes” by Ayra Starr featuring Seyi Vibez sounds like a collaboration made in music heaven! Ayra Starr is known for her captivating vocals and ability to connect with her audience, and adding Seyi Vibez’s energy to the mix surely elevates the track to another level.

It’s fantastic to hear that this song is part of Ayra Starr’s upcoming studio album, “The Year I Turned 21.” This album seems like a significant milestone for her, showcasing her growth as an artist while staying true to her unique sound. Fans can expect a blend of maturity and creativity from her, which is always exciting for listeners.

Collaborations like these often bring out the best in artists, allowing them to explore new dimensions and create music that resonates deeply with their fans. I’m sure “Bad Vibes” is just a taste of what’s to come from Ayra Starr’s album, and it’s bound to leave listeners eagerly anticipating more from her musical journey.




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