BADMAN – Sedge ft Triple M _ T Sean mp3

“Badman” by Sedge sounds like an electrifying debut in the Zambian music scene for 2024! A captivating music video can really elevate a song’s impact, and it seems like Sedge’s collaboration with ERT & K Blaze has resulted in stunning visuals that complement the dynamic energy of the track.

It’s always exciting to see new artists emerge with their own unique style and energy, and it sounds like Sedge is poised to make a significant impact. “Badman” seems like the kind of song that can get people moving and create a buzz within the music community.

Thank you for sharing the details about this exciting release. I’m sure fans of Zambian music and music enthusiasts in general will be eager to check out “Badman” and experience the exhilarating musical journey that Sedge has to offer.





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