Dizmo Ft Macky 2 – Bit By Bit (Studio Session)

Zambia’s hip-hop scene welcomes Dizmo, also known as Ephraim Kasonde, a prominent male rapper and songwriter known for his consistent and hardcore style. His latest offering, “Bit By Bit,” marks his entry into the Zambian music scene with a brand new masterpiece.

“Bit By Bit” is part of Dizmo’s upcoming album titled “Umuntu Mutwe.” The track features collaboration with Macky 2, who is associated with Alpha Entertainment and Olijaba Entertainment, adding further depth and appeal to the song.

With Dizmo’s reputation for delivering powerful lyrics and Macky 2’s distinctive style, “Bit By Bit” promises to be a notable addition to the Zambian music landscape, offering fans a taste of what’s to come from Dizmo’s forthcoming album.



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