Dizmo ft Selemanyo – Nafunta (Dir by CHICHI ICE)

“Nafunta” is indeed a standout track that showcases the talent and synergy between Dizmo and Selemanyo. The fusion of hip-hop and Afrobeat elements in the song creates a dynamic and infectious vibe that has resonated well with audiences, not just in Zambia but also beyond borders. The catchy beat and captivating lyrics add to its appeal, making it a hit that has garnered widespread acclaim.

Collaborations like “Nafunta” often bring out the best in artists, allowing them to showcase their unique styles and talents while also creating something fresh and exciting for listeners. The success of “Nafunta” speaks volumes about the creativity and artistry of Dizmo and Selemanyo, as well as their ability to connect with fans through their music.

It’s no surprise that “Nafunta” has become a favorite among fans, as it embodies the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and musical excellence. The song’s popularity reflects its ability to capture the hearts and ears of listeners, making it a timeless and memorable addition to the music scene.



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