Heavy K- Ulele ft Samthing Soweto x Professor x Thakzin mp3

“Heavy K – Ulele” is a collaborative song featuring Samthing Soweto, Professor, and Thakzin, with Heavy K being the primary artist or producer. Here’s a bit about each artist:

  1. Heavy K: Heavy K, also known as Drumboss, is a South African DJ, producer, and musician known for his contributions to the house music and Afro-house genres. He is recognized for his signature drum-heavy beats and infectious rhythms, which have made him a prominent figure in the South African music scene.
  2. Samthing Soweto: Samthing Soweto is a South African singer, songwriter, and former member of the group The Soil. He is known for his soulful voice and has been influential in the South African music industry, particularly in the realm of Afro-soul and Amapiano music.
  3. Professor: Professor is a South African Kwaito musician, producer, and DJ. He is known for his energetic performances and contributions to the Kwaito and house music genres, blending traditional South African sounds with modern production elements.
  4. Thakzin: Thakzin is a South African DJ and producer who specializes in various electronic dance music genres, including house, Afro-house, and Amapiano. He is known for his skillful production and remixes.

“Ulele” is likely a vibrant and energetic track that combines the talents of these artists, incorporating elements of house music, Afro-house, and possibly Amapiano given the current trends in South African music.





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