Iyanya & Dai Verse – CALL ME BABY (Music Video)

It’s wonderful to hear about Iyanya’s latest release, “Call Me Baby,” featuring Dai Verse. Iyanya has indeed made significant contributions to the Nigerian music scene and has collaborated with many other talented artists throughout his career. His ability to consistently deliver refreshing songs that resonate with fans speaks to his talent and versatility as a musician.

“Call Me Baby” seems to be another standout track from Iyanya’s album, “Once Upon A Time.” With the vocal assistance from Dai Verse and the vibrant energy of the Nigerian music scene infused into the song, it’s no surprise that it has been well-received by fans and the music community alike. The fact that it’s a record one can enjoy repeatedly speaks volumes about its quality and appeal.

It’s always exciting to see artists like Iyanya continuing to evolve and produce music that captivates audiences. With each new release, they contribute to the richness and diversity of Nigeria’s music landscape.



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