“Nawe” by Jorzi featuring Brawen sounds like an exciting collaboration from two talented artists signed under New Age Entertainments. It’s always fascinating to see artists evolve and continue their musical journey with new releases and collaborations.

The fact that Jorzi and Brawen have collaborated before, back when they were with XYZ Entertainments, adds an interesting dynamic to their partnership. It suggests a level of familiarity and chemistry between the two artists, which often translates into compelling music.

With “Nawe” being their first single for the year 2022, fans can expect a fresh and invigorating sound that showcases the growth and creativity of both Jorzi and Brawen. It’s a testament to their talent and dedication to their craft that they continue to push boundaries and deliver captivating music to their audience.

Thank you for sharing this exciting news about Jorzi and Brawen’s latest release. I’m sure fans are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to listen to “Nawe” and experience the musical magic that these two artists have created together once again.





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