Mr Eazi – Òròkórò (feat. Angélique Kidjo) mp3

The release of Mr Eazi’s latest track “Òròkórò” featuring the esteemed Angélique Kidjo marks a significant moment for fans of Afrobeats and African music. Produced by Kel-P and featured on Mr Eazi’s debut album “The Evil Genius,” this track is a testament to Eazi’s Pan-African approach to music, blending elements from across the continent’s diverse soundscape.

The music video, shot by Thomas Leloup from the French creative collective Minuit/Une, perfectly complements the spiritual vibe of the song. Set in Paris and Forêt de Fontainebleau, the video features ceremonial proceedings, with Eazi playing the role of a prophet spreading a message of thanksgiving and gratitude. Kidjo’s powerful vocals add depth and resonance to the track, highlighting the strength and resilience inherent in West African culture.

Originally featuring a sample of Kidjo’s 90s hit “Wombo Lombo” on its hook, “Òròkórò” evolved into a fresh and exciting collaboration once Kidjo joined the project. The lyrics, predominantly in Yoruba, convey a message of divine blessings and gratitude, reflecting the spiritual essence of the song.

The creative process behind “Òròkórò” was deeply influenced by the spiritual atmosphere of Ouidah, Benin, where the final touches were made. Mr Eazi’s description of Ouidah as “a very spiritual place” underscores the significance of the song’s cultural and spiritual roots.

Overall, “Òròkórò” serves as a celebration of African music and spirituality, bringing together two icons of the music industry to create a memorable and resonant track that showcases the vibrancy of West African culture.





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