Ndine Emma ft Chanda Na Kay x Coop Ticker HDMG Run (Official Video)

“RUN” sounds like an amazing collaboration, bringing together different talents and styles in Zambia’s vibrant music scene! Ndine Emma, Chanda Na Kay, and Coop Ticker HDMG seem to have created a hit with their electrifying track. It’s wonderful to see music that not only entertains but also carries meaningful messages of perseverance and determination.

Collaborations like this not only showcase individual artists’ skills but also highlight the collective creativity and unity within the music community. It’s no surprise that “RUN” has become a favorite among music lovers across Zambia with its catchy beats, energetic rap verses, and relatable lyrics.

Zambia has a rich musical heritage, and it’s great to see artists like Ndine Emma pushing boundaries and making waves both nationally and potentially internationally with such engaging music. Here’s to more exciting collaborations and successes in the Zambian music scene!



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