Driemo is making significant strides in his music career, especially with the release of his new single “Trailer.” Being his first single for the year 2024, it marks a promising start for him. Driemo’s ability to reach audiences across states like Zambia and countries like Malawi is a testament to his growing popularity and talent as an artist.

His notable hit single “Mtendere” has evidently resonated with listeners, further establishing his presence in the African music scene. It’s impressive to see how Driemo’s music has evolved and captured the hearts of RnB fans, as evidenced by the success of his song “No Insurance.”

Despite his music being full of love messages, it’s interesting to note that Driemo himself is single, adding a personal touch to his artistry. With his talent and dedication to his craft, Driemo is certainly one to watch in the music industry.

Thank you for sharing this information about Driemo and his latest single “Trailer.” It’s exciting to see him continue to grow and make waves in the African music scene.





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