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P Jay – Take Good Care Ft.Ruff Kid,Zone Fam,B Flow,Johny C,LLOYD[Prod. by Shom-c] mp3

“P Jay – Take Good Care” featuring Ruff Kid, Zone Fam, B Flow, Johny C, and Lloyd is a collaborative song by various Zambian artists. Here is some information about the artists and the song:

  1. P Jay (Brian Cheengwa): P Jay was a highly talented Zambian musician known for his soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics. He made significant contributions to the Zambian music industry before his untimely passing in 2014.
  2. Ruff Kid: Ruff Kid is a prominent Zambian rapper known for his energetic performances and contributions to the Zambian hip-hop scene.
  3. Zone Fam: Zone Fam was a Zambian hip-hop group consisting of members Dope G, Yung Verbal, Jay Rox, and Thugga. They were known for their hit songs and collaborations within the Zambian and African music scenes.
  4. B Flow: B Flow is a Zambian musician and social activist known for his advocacy work and music that addresses social issues.
  5. Johny C: Johny C is a Zambian musician known for his contributions to the Zambian music scene. He has collaborated with various artists and worked on diverse musical projects.
  6. Lloyd: Lloyd is likely another Zambian artist or contributor to the song “Take Good Care,” but specific details about Lloyd’s background are not provided.

“Take Good Care” is likely a collaborative effort among these artists, featuring their unique styles and contributions to the song. Collaborations like these showcase the diversity and talent within Zambia’s music industry, blending different genres and voices to create impactful music.

To listen to “Take Good Care” by P Jay featuring Ruff Kid, Zone Fam, B Flow, Johny C, and Lloyd, you may find the song on Zambian music platforms, YouTube, or other streaming services. It’s an opportunity to appreciate the collective artistry of these Zambian musicians and enjoy their collaborative work.





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