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Tommy D Namafela -Voice Note mp3

Tommy D Namafela, also known as Tommy Dimples, is a Zambian musician known for his contributions to the Zambian music industry. He is particularly recognized in the Afro-pop and dancehall genres. Tommy D has been active in the music scene for several years and has released a number of popular songs that have gained him a following both locally and internationally.

Some of Tommy D Namafela’s popular songs include “Chilekeni Chikali,” “Anajaila,” “Lelo Ni Lelo,” “Fipange,” and “Tuli Bana Bambwa.” His music often carries positive messages, and he is known for his vibrant stage performances.

Tommy D has collaborated with various artists within Zambia and beyond, showcasing his versatility and ability to blend different musical styles. His music is characterized by catchy rhythms, uplifting melodies, and a blend of African influences with modern sounds.





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