Zaho – On s’fait du mal feat. Dadju mp3

“Zaho – On s’fait du mal feat. Dadju” is a collaboration between French-Algerian singer-songwriter Zaho and French singer Dadju. The song title “On s’fait du mal” translates to “We’re Hurting Each Other” in English. It’s a poignant title that suggests themes of love, relationships, and the complexities of emotional pain.

Zaho is known for her soulful voice and R&B/pop style, while Dadju is recognized for his smooth vocals and contributions to the French urban music scene. Together, they create a compelling blend of musical styles and emotions in “On s’fait du mal.”

The song likely delves into the struggles and challenges faced in relationships, exploring themes of heartache, misunderstandings, and the emotional toll of love gone wrong. Both artists bring their unique talents to the track, resulting in a powerful and heartfelt collaboration.





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