JEMAX – tabesha

The album’s feature list reads like a who’s who of Zambian music, showcasing collaborations with some of the industry’s heavy hitters like Vinchenzo, 76 Drums, Prince Kai, T Low, and many others. This collaborative effort adds depth and diversity to the album, promising listeners a varied and engaging musical experience.

Moreover, the roster of producers involved in crafting the album demonstrates a commitment to quality and a desire to explore different sounds and styles. With names like King Nachi, Fuego, Deezy Ex, and others on board, it’s clear that Jemax has spared no expense in ensuring that “The Boogeyman” is a polished and professional production from start to finish.

Given Jemax’s reputation for consistency and his long tenure in the Zambian music scene, it’s no surprise that expectations for this album are high. Fans will likely be eager to see how he delivers on his first full-length project and whether it lives up to the hype surrounding its release. Overall, “The Boogeyman” has all the makings of a landmark album in Jemax’s career and a significant moment for Zambian music as a whole.


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