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“Snooze” is a song by American singer SZA, featured on her critically acclaimed album SOS, released in December 2022. The official video for “Snooze” adds a visual dimension to the song’s introspective and soulful lyrics.

Overview of “Snooze”

  • Title: Snooze
  • Artist: SZA
  • Album: SOS (2022)
  • Genre: R&B / Soul

Themes and Lyrics

“Snooze” explores themes of love, intimacy, and the vulnerability that comes with deep emotional connections. The lyrics convey a sense of longing and dedication, emphasizing the importance of being present in a relationship and not taking moments for granted.

Musical Style

The musical style of “Snooze” features:

  • Smooth Vocals: SZA’s soulful and expressive voice is at the forefront, delivering the lyrics with emotional depth.
  • R&B Instrumentation: The song includes mellow beats, smooth basslines, and ambient production that create a soothing atmosphere.
  • Introspective Lyrics: The lyrics are reflective and personal, focusing on themes of love, commitment, and emotional presence.

Official Video

The official video for “Snooze” complements the song’s themes by providing a visual narrative that enhances the emotional impact of the track. The video likely includes:

  • Visual Storytelling: Scenes that depict moments of intimacy and connection between SZA and her partner, illustrating the lyrics’ themes of love and presence.
  • Artistic Cinematography: Thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing visuals that align with the song’s mood and tone.
  • Emotional Resonance: A focus on conveying the feelings of vulnerability and dedication through visual cues and performances.


You can watch the official video for “Snooze” on SZA’s official YouTube channel and other music video streaming platforms. The video provides a deeper understanding of the song’s emotional landscape, making it a significant part of the overall experience of “Snooze.”


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