Alan Walker_ Putri Ariani_ Peder Elias – Who I Am mp3

“Who I Am” is a collaborative song by Alan Walker, Putri Ariani, and Peder Elias. Here’s a detailed overview of the song and the artists involved:

The Artists

Alan Walker:

  • Background: Alan Walker is a British-Norwegian DJ and record producer known for his distinctive electronic music. He gained international fame with his 2015 single “Faded,” which became a massive hit.
  • Style: His music typically features a blend of electronic, progressive house, and deep house elements, often characterized by melodic and atmospheric soundscapes.

Putri Ariani:

  • Background: Putri Ariani is an Indonesian singer-songwriter who gained popularity through her performances on various music platforms. She is known for her powerful voice and emotive performances.
  • Style: Her music often includes elements of pop and ballad, focusing on strong vocal delivery and emotional depth.

Peder Elias:

  • Background: Peder Elias is a Norwegian singer-songwriter known for his catchy pop melodies and relatable lyrics. He has released several singles that have garnered attention in the pop music scene.
  • Style: His music is characterized by its pop sensibilities, often featuring upbeat rhythms and heartfelt lyrics.

The Song: “Who I Am”

Release and Production:

  • “Who I Am” is a collaboration that brings together the unique talents of Alan Walker, Putri Ariani, and Peder Elias. The song showcases their individual strengths while blending their styles seamlessly.
  • The production likely features Alan Walker’s signature electronic beats and atmospheric sounds, combined with Putri Ariani’s powerful vocals and Peder Elias’s melodic pop influences.

Themes and Lyrics:

  • The title “Who I Am” suggests themes of self-identity, self-acceptance, and personal growth. The lyrics probably explore the journey of understanding and embracing one’s true self.
  • Each artist likely brings their perspective to the song, creating a rich and multi-layered narrative.

Musical Style:

  • Expect a mix of electronic and pop elements, with a strong emphasis on melody and vocal performance. Alan Walker’s production would provide the electronic foundation, while Putri Ariani and Peder Elias add depth and emotional resonance with their vocal contributions.


  • Given the popularity of the artists involved, “Who I Am” is likely to be well-received by fans of electronic and pop music. The collaboration brings together a diverse audience from different parts of the world, highlighting the global appeal of the song.


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