B Flow ft Triple M Njelela – mp3

B Flow is kicking off the year 2024 with a powerful new single titled “Njelela,” featuring Triple M. In his statement, B Flow emphasizes the transformative power of music to unite people and raise awareness about important social issues. He expresses gratitude for the opportunity to use his platform to address fiscal justice and its impact on women and girls in Zambia.

With the hashtags #FiscalJustice, #EmpowerWomen, #GirlsMatter, and others, B Flow underscores his commitment to advocating for a fair and equitable society where everyone has equal opportunities and rights. The collaboration with producer MelarBeats on “Njelela” showcases the talent and creativity of both artists, promising a compelling and thought-provoking musical experience.

As B Flow continues to use his music as a tool for social change and advocacy, “Njelela” stands as a testament to his dedication to promoting social justice and equality in Zambia and beyond.





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