April 23, 2024

Macky 2 is a community a leader and a respected one. certain decorum is demanded of him..even if we assume that man was a rogue fun, I think let’s respect 🙏🏽 humanity in people. Such rough arrogant behaviour is very unbecoming and such pride and arrogance has dropped many greater men

Security risk? Has any celebrity ever been harmed or stabbed or assulted or anything on stage? No bane. Ka respect 🙏🏽 for people working to support you. A show has many aspects to be cordibated successfully, not just the actual music singing. You need those same people you treating like trash to win. You can’t sing if nobody mounts the stage or sets up the lights or even gives you a mic and puts an amplifier

and just being human filya. You can’t throw a person away like trash even if its so called security which I doubt. He saw the man welcoming you? Come on man, you can do better. . Am sure other artists performed before Mr Mulaza and he must have been seen who was welcoming them. How did that guy suddenly turn into a serial killer

Lastly artists don’t perform first without the master of ceremony asking how they want to be welcomed back stage.

This was just a shallow behaviour. Mr Mulaza must apologise to that man publicly for such shame and embarrassment

Bane that man might be a father or unlce or have a wife or girlfriend or kids who call him daddy and look up to him. You never do that, you can’t embarrass another grown man like that.

And lastly, we the people and our blind loyalties. please stop defending this ignorance from someone who should be a role model. Let’s admonish him to own up and do better next time instead.. The man who was abused is little known to you and I so its insignificant. Wait till your own relative gets thrown like trash then come defend. His girl must be hurt, his siblings hurt too. The man’s ego bruised too. Please lets not destroy our celebrities by supporting bad acts. They are human and can error too but they must be told when they go over board

Iyi yena bululu teyo..

Bakalamba greatness must come with responsibility and humility. In other Countries by now associated brands would have already withdrawn endorsements. Will Smith has never recovered from one silly mistakes after a life of hard work….Arrogance has destroyed many great souls.

Check yourself bululu


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