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Makhadzi, whose real name is Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, is a South African singer, songwriter, and dancer known for her contributions to the Afro-house and Tsonga music genres. Here are some key points about Makhadzi:

  1. Musical Style: Makhadzi’s music style is characterized by a fusion of traditional Tsonga sounds with modern Afro-house beats. Her songs often feature energetic dance rhythms, catchy melodies, and powerful vocals, showcasing her versatility as an artist.
  2. Career Breakthrough: Makhadzi gained widespread recognition with her hit song “Tshanda Vhuya,” released in 2017. The song became a viral sensation and introduced her unique sound to a broader audience, establishing her as a rising star in the South African music scene.
  3. Popular Songs: Apart from “Tshanda Vhuya,” Makhadzi has released other popular songs such as “Matorokisi,” “Sugar Sugar,” “Murahu,” “Gagalanga,” and “Riya Venda.” These songs have garnered millions of views on digital platforms and have solidified her position as a leading artist in the Afro-house genre.
  4. Collaborations: Makhadzi has collaborated with various artists within South Africa and beyond, contributing her distinct voice and style to collaborative projects. Her collaborations often bring together different musical influences, creating dynamic and captivating tracks.
  5. Stage Performances: Known for her vibrant stage presence and energetic dance moves, Makhadzi’s live performances are highly anticipated and draw large audiences. Her performances often showcase the rich cultural heritage of Tsonga music and dance traditions.
  6. Influence: Makhadzi’s rise to prominence has inspired many young artists, particularly women, in South Africa’s music industry. She has become a role model for aspiring musicians, demonstrating that talent, hard work, and authenticity can lead to success.

Overall, Makhadzi’s music continues to resonate with fans across South Africa and beyond, highlighting the diversity and richness of African music. She remains a significant figure in the contemporary music landscape and is celebrated for her artistic contributions and cultural impact.





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