Jason Derulo & Michael Bublé – Spicy Margarita mp3

Jason Derulo chuckled at Michael Bublé’s quip before continuing, “Yeah, that’s pretty much how it went down. But then, I thought, ‘What about a summer hit instead?’ And that’s when the idea for ‘Spicy Margarita’ came up.”

Bublé chimed in, “I gotta say, the moment Jason mentioned ‘Spicy Margarita,’ I was intrigued. It’s not every day you get offered a song with such a unique title.”

“Yeah, we wanted something fresh, something that captures the vibe of celebration and fun,” Derulo added.

When asked about the collaboration process, Bublé shared, “Working with Jason has been incredible. He brings so much energy and creativity to the table. It’s been a blast bouncing ideas off each other and seeing how the song evolved.”

Derulo nodded in agreement, “Absolutely. Michael’s voice adds a whole new dimension to the track. It’s been amazing to see our styles blend together and create something really special.”

As for the inspiration behind “Spicy Margarita,” Derulo explained, “We wanted to capture that feeling of summer nights, partying with friends, and just letting loose. ‘Spicy Margarita’ is all about embracing the moment and having a good time.”

Bublé added with a grin, “And who doesn’t love a little spice in their life, right?”

The duo teased that fans can expect a vibrant music video to accompany the song, promising plenty of surprises and infectious energy.

As the interview wrapped up, it was evident that the collaboration between Jason Derulo and Michael Bublé was a match made in musical heaven, blending their unique talents to create a track that’s sure to be a hit on summer playlists everywhere.





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